Annual General Meeting, 26th September 2018

     The Cosmo year 2018/19 began officially on Sept. 26 with our AGM (annual general meeting) at our usual meeting place, the Alte Feuerwache. 16 members attended, many of whom paid the annual dues of € 50.
After the formalities of establishing the committee, with one new member volunteering as treasurer, Leone of the Social Hostesses read the social activities report. This always manages to remind us of all the activites, with IN and OUT meetings, we have during a Cosmo year.
We then went on to discuss our charity for the coming year. This is always an important aspect of our club, as we usually manage to raise 400/500 € during the year. We decided on Michaelshoven, Cologne Rodenkirchen, which provides social services to seniors and the needy in general. Our donation will go specifically towards musical events for seniors with dementia. We will be able to visit this complex during the year and one of the social workers will give us a talk about the work at Michaelshoven.
We were then able to chat and catch up with members we hadn’t seen for awhile during the summer break, of course along with enjoying homemade cake  with tea or coffee.

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