AGM, 28th September 2022

AGM – 28th September 2022
The club’s AGM took place on Sept 28 in our usual meeting room at the Alte Feuerwache. It felt normal and comfortable, although we know we still have to be careful. We were all excited to see friends and catch up on the latest, so much so that Barbara M-S. had trouble bringing order to the room. After Barbara M-S had mentioned all the members’ birthdays and an overall “Happy Birthday” had been sung, Ina read the minutes of the last AGM, exactly one year before. Norma gave the treasurer’s report, and Nancy gave the social report. In contrast to last year’s report there were 12 meetings to mention. All the details can be found on our website. The ‘old’ committee was then reinstated as the ‘new’ committee. The new Chairperson stressed that we very urgently need the members’ feedback especially on programmes and suggestions for possible events in order to make the Programme Organisers job just a bit less difficult. Our website is the perfect place to do this. Or of course, getting in touch with any committee member.      
Several decisions were taken; the most important being our charity for the new Cosmo year. For the 3rd time it will be HöViland, which conducts a summer day camp for lesser-privileged children. Several years ago, some of us visited this camp and were very impressed. Some of the volunteers will give us a talk at our first IN-Meeting on Jan. 11th, in 2022 about their work.      
22 members attended. We had the chance to sign up for the OUT meeting on Oct. 12. and pay our € 50 dues for the new Club year.  Renate and Lesley provided us with delicious cake. We’re looking forward to a busy, interesting year. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air.

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