Charity Talk and Book/DVD Sale on 22nd May 2019

Our charity for this club year is the senior home for dementia patients at Michaelshoven in Rodenkirchen. It has become our tradition to invite someone from the charity to tell us in more detail about the work that goes on there, and how contributions are used. This year  Sonja Harken, from Michaelshoven, gave a very interesting talk and showed us photos of the dance and music therapy sessions. We also got a glimpse of the sessions with animals, especially llamas, which are particularly popular among the residents.      Combined with this talk was also a DVD and book sale, also a CLCC tradition. The profits of the sales also go to our present charity, so that we were able to present Sonja with a total of € 450. During the summer break we will be able to visit Michaelshoven and see for ourselves how our donation is put to use.
21 Ladies participated in this IN-Meeting.

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