Christmas Lunch at Consilium Restaurant on 12th Dec. 2018

Having been disappointed last year with our longtime venue at the Rennbahn in Weidenpesch, our Programme Organisers explored other options, and they came up with a super winner: Consilium in the Spanish Bau of the Rathaus.
Not only is it easier to get to (a 10 minute walk from the main station), but the service is friendly, and most importantly, the food is excellent. To start off with, we were each given a glass of prosecco on the house. Then we could order from a select menu, which had been worked out before hand. There was something for everyone, and there were no negative comments afterwards about the food or the service, which for a group of 31 ladies, is
quite remarkable! The general consensus is that we should go there next year for the Christmas lunch, and perhaps even for various lunches in between.

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