Cosmo Programme April to June 2023

All IN-meetings are held at the Alte Feuerwache, Melchior Straße 3,
Please see information e-mails for location of IN-meetings
26.04.23 IN – Book/DVD Sale 14:00
Our Annual Book and DVD Sale. An opportunity to clear out
some of those books accumulating on the shelves.
Join us for lunch in the restaurant at 12:30.

10.05.23 IN- Talk by John Sykes Part II 14:00
John Sykes will continue his fascinating talk about his walk
around England. He will carry on from where he left off last time.
Join us for lunch in the restaurant at 12:30.
Sign up for the tour of the Südfriedhof.

24.05.23 OUT – Guided tour of the Südfriedhof, Köln 14:00
Guided tour of the Südfriedhof in Zollstock, Köln, easily reached
by public transport. Cost per person 12.00 Euro, less if more than
10 participants. Maximum 15 participants. This tour will be in German.
Join us for lunch in the restaurant Haus Schäffer, directly opposite
the entrance to the Cemetery.

07.06.23 IN – An afternoon of Bingo 14:00
Join us for a fun afternoon of Bingo with prizes to
be won. Our Mistresses of Ceremonies will be Ina and Leslie.
Coffee and Cake will be served too.
Join us for lunch in the restaurant at 12:30,
Sign up for the Year End Party.

21.06.23 Year End Party 14:00
Please join us for our annual strawberries and cream party which
will be held at Fassbenders, Obenmarspforten 7, 50667 Köln.
LADIES, as well as letting us know in time whether you will be attending an event, it is equally as important to inform the person organising the event if you are unable to be present, in order for the group not to have to wait for someone who has signed up, who is not going to come. Please make sure you read the information about cut off dates, in order not to be disappointed. Thank you.

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