Year End Party on 29th June 2022 at the AF

We met for our last Club meeting of 2021/2022 on June 29 in the Große Forum at the Alte Feuerwache. In spite of the difficult Club year we’ve had, or maybe because of it, the atmosphere was very upbeat . The 13 members present each brought food and we set up a beautiful and varied buffet on a long table. Valerie and Nancy donated some lovely Sekt and orange juice to celebrate their recent birthdays. This was very much appreciated by all members present. We had interesting starters, main courses and desserts including tiramisu and of course, our traditional strawberries and cream. Barbara brought flowers from her garden which Lesley turned into lovely flower arrangements on the tables and we had lots of opportunities to chat and catch up with what members have been doing in recent weeks. The atmosphere was relaxed and optimistic for the next Club year.

It was clear how important for our well-being the social contact our meetings provide is to all our members and the Year End Party, even though different to ones in other years, showed that our Club is in good shape in spite of the difficult situation during the last two and a half years. At the end of the party we all left looking forward to meeting up at our first meeting of the new Club year in the autumn.

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