Walpurgis Night Report

Dear Ladies,
here is just a short report on Liesel’s and my outing last night.
As you know as genuine witches we had to attend the big meeting in the Harz mountains on the Brocken.  Because it is quite a long distance, Liesel and I met last night at 10:30 at the Zoobridge in Cologne wanting to take the river road rather than flying cross country.  The river always offers a bit warmer climate and also a broom-friendly thermal air current.  Of course, we took our speed brooms anyway because we wanted to be there in time.  It was a cool night with not too much moon but since we had taken our brooms there before they knew their way well.  After we left the river to go up north towards the Harz we realised that nature looked very happy and the trees and plants were singing songs of thanks for the rain they had received as a blessed meal.  When we got there just before midnight you cannot image how happy everybody was to be able to meet with mates and friends after a long time.  There was a lot of chatting, laughing and dancing going on – no fires this year with respect to nature.  Everybody seemed to be in a good mood and condition despite the difficult times.  So we spent about 4 hours together and the meeting ended just in time to get back before dawn.
Liesel and I felt very much refreshed, full of energy and ready to cope with our daily chores much better after our trip.
We are sure you wonder how we could venture out under the current restrictions.  Well, this is very easy – because as a genuine one you can make yourself invisible and also the virus doesn’t like us anyway because it is afraid we could turn it into something positive.
Today we will spend our day sleeping a lot and relaxing again after this adventure.
We are greeting you all with a triple huibuh!  Stay well and healthy!
Liesel and Barbara


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